Resident Showcase - Nancy Mendenhall

About Nancy

Nancy Mendenhall - PuzzlesNancy Mendenhall grew up in Janesville, but lived in Racine for over 30 years. What you need to know about Nancy is that she has two big loves in her life. Her first, her husband Robert Stone, is the reason she moved to Cedar Crest in 2010, because he was already a resident. Her second is one that she shares with a group of friends and that is puzzles. If you visit the library on campus you probably have already seen the fruits of this labor of love. Nancy enjoys spending a couple of hours a day visiting with friends and putting the pieces together literally in a giant puzzle laid out on a table. The beautiful works of art landscapes come in as few as 100 pieces or as many as 1,500. Some of these puzzles are finished in a few hours, but other larger ones can take up to three weeks to complete. Occasionally, an admirer will ask to have the puzzle saved and put in a glass frame, but often they are taken apart once a second puzzle is completed. This means on most days in the library you can see one completed work and another work in progress. These puzzles, donated to Cedar Crest, are usually very colorful and vary in complexity to build. In addition to landscapes, Nancy and her friends have put together images of familiar brands like Kellogg’s Cereal and Coca Cola, and even one that depicted Camp Randall Stadium the home of the Wisconsin Badgers.