Cedar Crest Showcase - Library

About the Library

Cedar Crest

It features a diversity of reading materials, an inviting fireplace, comfortable furniture with plenty of seating areas and tables for the residents to work on puzzles.

Browsers can choose from over 1,000 books, ranging from fiction to non-fiction and everything in between, with books added to the collection every month. Magazines, newspapers and reference books are also available. A color-coded system is used in order to easily differentiate genres and locate authors or titles. In addition, the Cedar Crest Library partners with the Janesville Public Library, so residents have another option to request books. A suggestion box is available to them as well.

User guides located in the library and a monthly library newsletter are reference tools residents have access to in order to stay informed on library news, policies and procedures. The library utilizes the honor system for borrowing books. Residents are simply asked to return the books after 30 days.

Edward Young, who has been the librarian at Cedar Crest for almost 10 years, said that he regularly receives positive comments about the library. “Prospective residents who visit here are always surprised when they see the library. They’re amazed by the general atmosphere, the selection of books, and the organization.”

The Cedar Crest Library is located on the first floor and is conveniently open 24 hours per day, seven days per week.